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Fighting the flu.

What better way to overcome this awful cold and fever than just taking it easy and knit a bit, in between naps?
My daughter asked me to make her a sweater. She is 13 and knows exactly how she wants her new sweater to look: white, raglansleeves, rolled hem at neckline, plain stockinette stitch for the main body, ribbed edges downwards.

Very easy project! My only complaint was about all that whiteness.. But once I got to work with the fibers and spin the yarn – a 2-ply aran-weight, made of mainly BFL wool, spiced up with some silk, alpaca, merino, bamboo and ingeo fiber – I actually found it very pleasant to work with undyed fibers. Who would have thought that..
Now working on the first sleeve. Will run out of yarn shotly, so I need to spin some more to finish it up. My daughter can’t wait..

I just hope this influenza-mightmare is very soon over..

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  1. Dear Birthe fantastic you can knit with that awfull flu I know i have it too …..
    It looks very nice (your knitting ) maby it will help me get my mind off my misery
    Karen Margrethe

    1. Can’t knit much, I’m afraid. Half a sleeve in five days.. This flu is long-living. 🙁 Hope you feel better soon, and happy new year! Hope to see you again soon.

      1. Happy new year to you too.I will come and see you soon .TODAY I felt better i am on the right track WONDERFULL

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