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My new work studio!

This weekend I’ve been busy moving, with help from my husband and my good friend Jette. In the beginning of this year I had to close down my beloved yarn shop after 10 wonderful years as a shop-owner. Shortly thereafter I decided to carry on in the fiber business, almost as usual, just without a physical shop, and with main focus on fibers, dyeing, spinning and handmade items instead of factory-produced knitting yarns.

Last week I the finally found the right place for my new working life! Out in the countryside close to the forest, in a place that has a watermill that dates back to the 17th century. The mill has not been working for maybe about a 100 years (hasn’t had a wheel for ages) but in the old times it was actually used for dyeing cloth I have been told. That’s pretty cool..
The old mill-building looks like this:

The waterfall comes down where the big mill wheel used to turn. The owners of the place have a dream about setting up a new millwheel and renovating the mill house, but that’s very expensive, they told me.
Anyway, I find it very charming as it is!
From my workplace/studio I can hear the sound of the falling water, and just have to step outside and look round the corner to enjoy the sight of it too. My place looks like this:

Through the window you can see my loom, set up yesterday with help from my husband. Can’t wait to get to work!
But there’s still a lot of unpacking and sorting out to be done first. Lots and lots of boxes full of yarn, wool, garments, books, knitting/weaving/spinning equipment and … stuff has been moved, and I still haven’t moved any of the dyeing gear.

So, now that I don’t have my IRL-shop anymore I sell my fibres on Etsy:

Please click the image to take a look! 🙂
The red fibers (both the “wheels” and the silk hankies) I dyed earlier this week. Colorway “Rose Petal”.