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Green and brown

“Grass” on Opus

I have composed and dyed 3 new colors: 2 greens and a red-brown. Here they are, shown on Opus yarn.
I have also dyed the green ones on Serenade (lace yarn) and on BFL-Steps (sock yarn), and they are now in my webshop:

The chestnut brown have been dyed on wool-tops as well as the Opus yarn, but I don’t have any photos of the Chestnut fiber to show yet.

“Chestnut” on Opus

Also, the rug weaving project I talked about in the last post is coming along nicely. I’m about 20 cms short of finishing the first one, and right now I am thinking about how I want the second rug to look. The exact plans are not quite complete yet, but #2 of this warp will be a much more colorfull rug than #1, that’s for sure!

“Hunter” on Opus

I want to try weaving with several weft-bundles per pick, so that I can change colors in the middle of the rug. I have a feeling it will be slow-going, also because I will be composing the weft bundles out of many strands of yarn each. What fun it will be!

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