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Weaving project started.

So, I’m off!
This morning I began weaving the first of the two (maybe three) rugs that I’ve set my loom up for. Have a quick look at this very beginning:

At the bottom you see the hem. This is to be folded and sewed – no fringe for any rugs in my house, because the vacuum cleaner robot chokes on it..!
On top of that is the rosepath patterned rug fabric. For the tabby ground weave I use a beautiful 2-ply yarn of gotland sheep wool. Dark bordeaux. I use 4 strands as one. Actually I have plyed and then cabled the yarns to make it easier to get an even tabby-weave.
The pattern yarns, on the other hand, are just laying side by side. There are 8 strands of yarn held together, all different qualities and fibers. Only “rule” is that the yarns for the pattern weave has to be white, natural, tan og grey.

There are many many pattern possibilities with rosepath, but this first rug is just gong to have this diamond pattern, all over. For the next one I might get a little more adventurous and play with the threadling sequence.. 🙂

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  1. I couldn’t possibly lay that on the floor! It’s beautiful 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      The old rag rugs we have lying around the house now are really worn out. They really need to be replaced. So this project is good for two things (at least!): We get much needed new floor rugs and I get some of my left-over yarns used. I have tons of the stuff!

  2. Det er flot Birthe, det vil jeg også prøve! Jeg må se at blive færdig med mine viskestykker i en fart!

    1. Tak, Elizabeth! Jeg synes rosengang er et dejligt mønster at væve. Nem opsætning, nem trampning og så mange muligheder..

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