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Dyeing and moving

It’s been quite a long time. The flu is over, thank the Goddess (it was a tough one!!) and I have been working full speed for the past month.
I have had lots of work to do, which is just great! Lots of dyeing for the yarn company BC Garn, and plenty of dyeing for my webshop as well.

By new year I got my new sock yarn, which is a 4-ply superwash BFL7nylon (85%/15%) yarn, 400 grams pr 100 gram. I love it! It is just perfect for socks, and for other knitworks-of-art too! 🙂
I quickly dyed up a few colourways in my new yarn, which I have named BFL-Steps. Here’s a few of them:

Colourway "Straw" on BFL-Steps

Colourway “Straw” on BFL-Steps
"Dark Fuchsia"
“Dark Fuchsia”

"Blue Creek"

“Blue Creek”

But mostly I’m submerged in dyeing for BC Garn. Great fun and a good base for my business.

Then I have moved to a new workplace. Not that I didn’t like the place I had, it was just too far away. Not so practical when I mostly go by bicycle – it took about 45 minutes each way.
Then I got an offer to move into a place in our little village, just 200 meters from my home. Lots of space and fine working conditions – I just had to say yes to that!
So now I have been in my new place for a week, and it is working okay. I have to share some of it with others, but that’s fine with me. The fact that I can just walk over to my workshop in 2 minutes is just fantastic!
I have no photos of my new place yet – just too busy to even think of it.. 🙂

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More sock yarn colours.

I have been dyeing up four more colourways on my new sock yarn, GarnGalleriet Opus Sock. Like the one I showed in my last post, “Bright Mountain”, these four are also semisolid monocromatic colours, variegated but not multicolour.
The colournames are: Blue Creek, Savoy, Tomato and Turmeric.

Left to right: Blue Creek, Savoy, Tomato, Turmeric

So, what do you think? Hope you like it! 🙂
For more info, prices and shipping please take a look at my webshop.