Spinning and knitting heavy singles

I needed a quick-and-easy, but still good-looking, project. So I picked out five of my handpainted wool tops, combined the colours in a most complicated (not!) way and began the spinning..

The final yarn is wonderful! Heavy, multicolour, and ten different skeins.

For the knitting project I decided on a short jacket or cardi, to be held together with one or maybe two buttons. Negative ease, tight fit. The fabric is very stretchy, so I think my idea will work fine!

Right now I am working on the first sleeve, so hopefully I’ll soon be finished. The yarn knits up quickly on needles 6 mm. Love it so far!

I also dug deep in the pile of unfinished projects today.. Surfaced with something that is meant to become a blanket for my son. A stash-busting throw for his bed. In mitered square modules. Sat down and knitted a bit. Decided that I really need more blue yarns, so now I have fired up this little Cascade spindle and some royal blue fiber..

The weather is fantastic, so I’m working out in the back yard today.. 🙂

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