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Næsten færdig – Almost done!

Jeg lukkede masker af her til morgen – endelig! Selvom perlegrus er en meget smuk og enkel strikketeknik er den også lidt langsommelig at strikke, og jeg nåede at blive en smule træt af det her til sidst. Men nu er blusen omsider klar til sammensyning, og så skal der kanter på. Hvilken slags har jeg ikke besluttet endnu, men jeg hælder til en enkel hæklet kant rundt i halsen og på ærmerne. Måske også rundt forneden.

Jeg elsker farverne!
Jeg elsker farverne i det håndmalede Opus-garn!
Så skal der sys sammen og laves kanter.

Jeg glæder mig til at flashe blusen til Saltum Uldfestival her i weekenden! 🙂

English summary:
I have just cast off the last stitches of my linen-stitch sweater this morning. Now all that remains is sewing up the seams and making some kind of edge at the neckline and the sleeves.
Looking forward to wear this garment at Saltum Uldfestival this weekend!

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Just Blue – Blot Blåt

I am a relatively new member of the knitting society “Seriøs Strik For Sjov”, which means “Serious Knitting For Fun”. Every year the members are encouraged to knit/crochet/craft something for a travelling exibition. This years theme is “Just Blue”, and that simply means that only blue items are allowed.

The deadline is on March 1st, but I handed in my blue item the other night when we met at Silkeborg Museum, as usual on the third thursday of the month.
Before I let go of my blue thing, I took a few photos. Our chairman Hanne has given permission to publish photos, so here it is:


The top is knitted in two long panels that goes over the shoulders, each one dyed in two blue colors. The idea was to knit with exactly the number of stitches required for the color change to find place in the middle of the panel. It meant that I had to pay great attention to gauge – I litteraly had to count on every row, allowing for some drifting – but not much.
The two panels were joined front and back with mattress stitching, and the sides are mesh panels.

Side panel of the Equalizer Top
Side panel of the Equalizer Top

I like how the two panels that make up the front and back are so different. The dark blue/turquoise panel gave name to the top: The color shifting looks kind of like the equalizer-panel on the stereo..

Apart from finishing my Equalizer Top I have been weaving. Soon I will be ready to cut down the two rugs in Swedish Rosepath-pattern. They will be approximately 2 meters (80 inches) long, the first one a little longer than the second. The weaving width is 80 cms (32 inches), but I expect the width to crawl in to about 70 cms.
Here is a look at the pattern of the second rug:
Cutting down will be very exiting! It will happen in a few days.. I’m curious to weigh the rugs to find out the amount of yarn that has gone into them – I have used nothing but stash yarns.
Yes. I have a serious stash..

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Spinning and knitting heavy singles

I needed a quick-and-easy, but still good-looking, project. So I picked out five of my handpainted wool tops, combined the colours in a most complicated (not!) way and began the spinning..

The final yarn is wonderful! Heavy, multicolour, and ten different skeins.

For the knitting project I decided on a short jacket or cardi, to be held together with one or maybe two buttons. Negative ease, tight fit. The fabric is very stretchy, so I think my idea will work fine!

Right now I am working on the first sleeve, so hopefully I’ll soon be finished. The yarn knits up quickly on needles 6 mm. Love it so far!

I also dug deep in the pile of unfinished projects today.. Surfaced with something that is meant to become a blanket for my son. A stash-busting throw for his bed. In mitered square modules. Sat down and knitted a bit. Decided that I really need more blue yarns, so now I have fired up this little Cascade spindle and some royal blue fiber..

The weather is fantastic, so I’m working out in the back yard today.. 🙂

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Busy days = Happy days!

Business is going so well, I simply have too little time to blog. What a luxury problem! 🙂

I have recently accepted a rather large order from one of this countrys most loved knitting and weaving yarn supplier. This one: BC Garn.
BC Garn has asked me to handpaint a big quantity of knitting yarns for them to sell to yarn shops around the country. First I have been test-dyeing, then it was approved (yay!) and two days ago I recieved two enormous boxes of very white yarn to work on.. I’m so happy to get this opportunity, and very exited about it all. Can’t wait to see “my” yarn in the local yarns shops, and later also the garments made from it..
It’s just awesome! 🙂

Do you want to have a sneak peek at some of the colours? Here’s two batches I did last week:

Handpainted yarn drying outside my studio
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Club Fiber of May

A few days ago I sent off the club fibers for May, so I think it will be okay to show off the colorway now! 🙂

Here it is on a BFL/silk blend. I call the colorway “Icarus”, after the small butterfly that inspired me to pick these various blue, lavender and golden shades. Polyommatus icarus. A beautiful butterfly that fortunately still is quite common where I live.
I also dyed it on falklandwool:

I must say, I love it on both fibers, and hope the club-members like it just as much!

These days I’m in the process of creating next months club-colorway. I will not reveal anything about it yet, just that the June colorway will be very different from the “Icarus” of May..

To find out more about my fiber-club, please visit my Etsy-shop.
It runs as a 3-months subscription, and there’s still room for more clubbies.. 🙂

Bye for now, I have some knitting to attend to.

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Two new colorways!

May I present my latest monochromatic colorways:

“Creme” and “Sailor”, both shown on shetland wool.
Each fiber wheel holds 200 grams (7 oz) of lovely wool (or other fiber) top, ready to spin or use for feltmaking. Or other stuff..
I dye on a variety of fibres. Shetland, falkland, Bluefaced Leicester, merino/bamboo, BFL/silk, polwarth and others. Please check out my shop to see the in-stock list, prices and such.

Oh, and I also paint Silk Hankies:

“Creme” and “Sailor” again.
Each bundle of silk hankies consists of 4 hankies, but the weight varies. Mostly each bundle weighs from 30 to 40 grams (1 – 1.4 oz). Just ask, and I’ll be happy to weigh it for you and inform about the price.