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Alma Ella Shawl

"Alma Ella" in Serenade, colorway "Turmeric"
“Alma Ella” in Serenade, colorway “Turmeric”


The Alma Ella Shawl is a free pattern over on Ravelry. Designed by Robin Lynn and generously made available for all lovers of simple, but beautiful shawls.
Here is a linkie to the original pattern on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/alma-ella-shawl

My friend Mariann, who is a skilled knitter (and now also a spinner with a serious spindle collecting issue, but that is a whole different story..) has created an Alma Ella in my handpainted lace merino yarn, “Serenade”.

Is it not beautiful? I think so!
I have translated the pattern into Danish and placed it in the “patterns” section of this blog. Go ahead and download, if you please.

Alma Ella
Alma Ella

Alma Ella-sjalet er en gratisopskrift ovre på Ravelry. Jeg har oversat det til dansk og det kan nu downloades her på bloggen, under “patterns”.

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Weaving project started.

So, I’m off!
This morning I began weaving the first of the two (maybe three) rugs that I’ve set my loom up for. Have a quick look at this very beginning:

At the bottom you see the hem. This is to be folded and sewed – no fringe for any rugs in my house, because the vacuum cleaner robot chokes on it..!
On top of that is the rosepath patterned rug fabric. For the tabby ground weave I use a beautiful 2-ply yarn of gotland sheep wool. Dark bordeaux. I use 4 strands as one. Actually I have plyed and then cabled the yarns to make it easier to get an even tabby-weave.
The pattern yarns, on the other hand, are just laying side by side. There are 8 strands of yarn held together, all different qualities and fibers. Only “rule” is that the yarns for the pattern weave has to be white, natural, tan og grey.

There are many many pattern possibilities with rosepath, but this first rug is just gong to have this diamond pattern, all over. For the next one I might get a little more adventurous and play with the threadling sequence.. 🙂

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Sweater love

I knitted this sweater in no time. Even spun the yarn in no time. I just loved the pattern so much, the stitch pattern was easy and fun to knit, and the ever changing colors of the handspun singles just kept med going and going..
The yarns (because there are two yarns) are: Handspun singles, Noro-look-alike-yarn, spun pretty fast from carded wool/silk/alpaca-fibers in colorway “Delight”. The other yarn (the top of the sweater body and sleeves) is BFL-Steps, my handdyed sock yarn. The latter held double.
The pattern I found in Noro Magazine #2. It’s called “Mesh banded pullover”.

I am really happy with this garment. It fits perfectly and is not too hot to wear indoors. Love it!

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Malabrigo Silky Mittens

After knitting the mittens for my daughter, I decided that I would make a pair for myself, but with a different cable pattern and in a new-to-me yarn. After all, it was October, and the mornings were getting a bit chilly.

Now it’s already November, and I’m sure to keep my hands warm in these cabled mittens:Cabled mitts in Malabrigo silky Merino

Cabled mitts in Malabrigo Silky Merino

The pattern is up for sale in my webshop. Danish version only, for the time being.

The yarn is also to be found in my webshop. Malabrigo Silky Merino is a wonderfully soft singles yarn, 51% merino wool and 49% silk. Knits on needles 3,5 to 4 mm. There are 17 beautiful hand painted semisolid color ways to choose from!

The cable pattern was easy to knit.

I have used the color named “Jupiter” for my mittens, and I used only one skein.

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Mittens for my girl

Winter is approaching. Leaves are falling now, and it is getting colder. The motherly urge to keep my offspring warm and cosy has resulted in these cabled mittens:

Cabled Mittens
Cabled Mittens

My teenage daughter is very happy about them! I have made a pattern to download (in Danish only, for the time being) – check out the “pattern”-tab in the top menu.

The mittens are knitted using two strands of Opus BFL yarn. Wonderfully soft and warm, and a quick and easy project!

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The beginning..

..of a shawl:

The Brande Shawl in making
The Brande Shawl in the making

The Brande Shawl was designed by the very talented knitter and designer Bente Hein for the knit-event that took place in the fall last year: Brande Strikkefestival.
Now I have persuaded Bente to let me sell her pattern (as a loose pattern as well as a kit) in the webshop. But first I need to knit the beautiful shawl in some of my own yarns, and then I need to put together some kits.. So: back to knitting! 🙂

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I the small, quiet village Thorning you can find and visit Blicheregnen’s Museum. Together with my friend Mariann I went there today to see an embroidery exibition.

I don’t sew embroidery. Mariann does a little. I haven’t done any cross stitch since I was in my teens, and that lies many years back.. Never the less, the patterns and colors traditionally used by craftswomen of the Middel East (Syria, Palestine, Gaza) are fabulous, to say the least, and can easily provide inspiration to knitting patterns and weaving.
The exibition was partly dresses, coats, pillows and shawls from the Middle Eastern countries, but there was also embrodery (purses, mainly) from the Danish artist, Elisabeth Amdisen, who has created the exibition. She has also written a book about it – I bought that, and got it signed by the author, who just happend to be there today.. 🙂

Beautiful book, with lots of wonderful ideas!
The dresses with their richly patterned surfaces were fantastic. Here you see two of them:

All the patterns have their special meaning – it’s not just decoration. Many of the patterns were to protect from evil or accidents, a thing that we also know in Northern European (knitting)tradition.
Here is detail from af pillowcase:

The colors and geometric balance of this work is really captivating!
Now I’ll find the sofa and have a closer look at my new embroidery book.