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Busy days = Happy days!

Business is going so well, I simply have too little time to blog. What a luxury problem! 🙂

I have recently accepted a rather large order from one of this countrys most loved knitting and weaving yarn supplier. This one: BC Garn.
BC Garn has asked me to handpaint a big quantity of knitting yarns for them to sell to yarn shops around the country. First I have been test-dyeing, then it was approved (yay!) and two days ago I recieved two enormous boxes of very white yarn to work on.. I’m so happy to get this opportunity, and very exited about it all. Can’t wait to see “my” yarn in the local yarns shops, and later also the garments made from it..
It’s just awesome! 🙂

Do you want to have a sneak peek at some of the colours? Here’s two batches I did last week:

Handpainted yarn drying outside my studio

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  1. Love those deep blues.

    1. Me too! Blue has always been one of the favorites..

  2. Your colours are so beautiful! I am going to design a shawl for BC using one of your colours in the Yorkshire yarn. It is so beautiful and I just hope I can do it justice

    1. Thank you ever so much!! So exited about the shawl you are designing, which colorway is it?

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