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Yesterday I gave a class in Freeform Crochet and Knitting. I have teached this workshop before, but the last time was surely a long time ago, so a little preparation was needed..







I made this FreeForm scrumble/patch ahead of the workshop, just to get into the groove again. This scrumble contains all the elements that I planned on teaching my students later in the afternoon, and when finished it became a decoration in the neckline of my vest.

I had a group of 9 students. While freeforming was new to them all, they were all skilled knitters, and most of them also good at crochet, so they very easily grabbed the new techniques I presented to them. They were clever students!








Concentration was intense. Not much talking. They had no time for breaks: the work continued uninterrupted even though fruit, coffee and cake was served.








At the end of the day we gathered all the pretty scrumbles and tried to fit them together. As if by magic they (almost) fitted perfectly together, and even though each student had picked her own pallette of yarn colors we agreed that all the different pieces actually could be used in the same colorfull project – if desired..





Now I have an urge to create some more Freeform (to go with the one I made yesterday). I had forgotten how much fun it actually is! And afterall it is sunday. I actually have the time to dive into it. I’ll do it!