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Næsten færdig – Almost done!

Jeg lukkede masker af her til morgen – endelig! Selvom perlegrus er en meget smuk og enkel strikketeknik er den også lidt langsommelig at strikke, og jeg nåede at blive en smule træt af det her til sidst. Men nu er blusen omsider klar til sammensyning, og så skal der kanter på. Hvilken slags har jeg ikke besluttet endnu, men jeg hælder til en enkel hæklet kant rundt i halsen og på ærmerne. Måske også rundt forneden.

Jeg elsker farverne!
Jeg elsker farverne i det håndmalede Opus-garn!
Så skal der sys sammen og laves kanter.

Jeg glæder mig til at flashe blusen til Saltum Uldfestival her i weekenden! 🙂

English summary:
I have just cast off the last stitches of my linen-stitch sweater this morning. Now all that remains is sewing up the seams and making some kind of edge at the neckline and the sleeves.
Looking forward to wear this garment at Saltum Uldfestival this weekend!

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Mittens for my girl

Winter is approaching. Leaves are falling now, and it is getting colder. The motherly urge to keep my offspring warm and cosy has resulted in these cabled mittens:

Cabled Mittens
Cabled Mittens

My teenage daughter is very happy about them! I have made a pattern to download (in Danish only, for the time being) – check out the “pattern”-tab in the top menu.

The mittens are knitted using two strands of Opus BFL yarn. Wonderfully soft and warm, and a quick and easy project!

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The beginning..

..of a shawl:

The Brande Shawl in making
The Brande Shawl in the making

The Brande Shawl was designed by the very talented knitter and designer Bente Hein for the knit-event that took place in the fall last year: Brande Strikkefestival.
Now I have persuaded Bente to let me sell her pattern (as a loose pattern as well as a kit) in the webshop. But first I need to knit the beautiful shawl in some of my own yarns, and then I need to put together some kits.. So: back to knitting! 🙂

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Finished project!

It fits! 🙂

I am so pleased with this sweater! My handspun Swirl (designed by very talented Sandra McIver) is done and almost dry. Dry enough to do some photos while it’s still daylight outside.

It swirls!!

This has been a very pleasant knitting adventure. The pattern (“Strata Sphere” from McIvers book “Knit Swirl”) is well written, has very usefull schematics and was easy to follow. It was especially nice and thrilling to work with my own handspun.
I had dyed up a big bunch of different fibers (wool, alpaca, silk, bamboo, mohair) in the colourway “Icarus”. First I separated the fibers into different piles of colours, carded it together and spun a singles yarn.
I aimed at getting the same grist, look, hand and colour-magic that we see in Noro Silk Garden, which was the yarn called for in the pattern. I think I got it pretty well! Only problem was that I had underestimated the amount og fiber to spin, so in the middle of the project I had to dye, card and spin some more..
The second lot of course came out a little bit different than the first, but it’s not to be seen at all in the finished Swirl.

Back view. Nice and warm!
A closer look at the yarn and knitting structure.

I predict that this sweater is going to be worn a lot this winter!


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Modular knitting.

I’ll be giving a few workshops on the technique “Modular Knitting” in May and June. In May it will be on the island of Samsø, at the “Samsø Strik og Quilt-festival”. Follow the link to read more about that fest!

In June in Silkeborg there will be a brand new knitting-event: “Grib Garnet”. 4 fabulous days of knitting events, exibitions, and lots and lots of exiting workshops! I have been asked to give two Module Knitting workshops there, and I’m looking very much forward to it!

Modular knitting is so much fun. A little bit addicting too. It’s almost like playing with building blocks: one small piece at the time, then just add on, with unlimited possibilities regarding colour, shape and texture.

The picture shows the beginning of a modular jacket that I’m working on. Or should I say: a project that is resting for the moment.. Inspiration to this particular shape of module came from a wonderfull Kaffe Fasset-quilt called St. Marks:

Beautiful, isn’t it? It was a fun challenge to figure out how to knit the trapezoid shapes, and how to arrange the colours.
Well. I think it’s time to dig out this jacket-project and get back to working on it.

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Yesterday I gave a class in Freeform Crochet and Knitting. I have teached this workshop before, but the last time was surely a long time ago, so a little preparation was needed..







I made this FreeForm scrumble/patch ahead of the workshop, just to get into the groove again. This scrumble contains all the elements that I planned on teaching my students later in the afternoon, and when finished it became a decoration in the neckline of my vest.

I had a group of 9 students. While freeforming was new to them all, they were all skilled knitters, and most of them also good at crochet, so they very easily grabbed the new techniques I presented to them. They were clever students!








Concentration was intense. Not much talking. They had no time for breaks: the work continued uninterrupted even though fruit, coffee and cake was served.








At the end of the day we gathered all the pretty scrumbles and tried to fit them together. As if by magic they (almost) fitted perfectly together, and even though each student had picked her own pallette of yarn colors we agreed that all the different pieces actually could be used in the same colorfull project – if desired..





Now I have an urge to create some more Freeform (to go with the one I made yesterday). I had forgotten how much fun it actually is! And afterall it is sunday. I actually have the time to dive into it. I’ll do it!