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Nye farver i Noro-garn

Leverancerne af det japanske Noro-garn har det med at komme dumpende i store portioner, efter lang tids venten ..
Først på ugen ankom en sending som jeg har ventet på et halv års tid, med nye farver i kvaliteterne Silk Garden og Madara.

Begge kvaliteter, Silk Garden og Madara, løber 200 m pr 100 gram. Madara ligger i 100 grams bundter, mens Silk Garden ligger i nøgler på 50 gram.

Silk Garden er et klassisk Noro-garn. Kvaliteten har været på markedet i flere årtier, og stadig “going strong” med farver fra dengang og også helt nye farver. Garnet har lange farveforløb med blide overgange.

Madara er ret nyt, med kun et par sæsoner på bagen. Det er et tweed garn, ensfarvet, men med nister i mange farver. Det består af 60% uld, 30% silke og 10% alpaca.

Se alle farver – både nye og gamle – i webshoppen!

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Finished project!

It fits! 🙂

I am so pleased with this sweater! My handspun Swirl (designed by very talented Sandra McIver) is done and almost dry. Dry enough to do some photos while it’s still daylight outside.

It swirls!!

This has been a very pleasant knitting adventure. The pattern (“Strata Sphere” from McIvers book “Knit Swirl”) is well written, has very usefull schematics and was easy to follow. It was especially nice and thrilling to work with my own handspun.
I had dyed up a big bunch of different fibers (wool, alpaca, silk, bamboo, mohair) in the colourway “Icarus”. First I separated the fibers into different piles of colours, carded it together and spun a singles yarn.
I aimed at getting the same grist, look, hand and colour-magic that we see in Noro Silk Garden, which was the yarn called for in the pattern. I think I got it pretty well! Only problem was that I had underestimated the amount og fiber to spin, so in the middle of the project I had to dye, card and spin some more..
The second lot of course came out a little bit different than the first, but it’s not to be seen at all in the finished Swirl.

Back view. Nice and warm!

A closer look at the yarn and knitting structure.

I predict that this sweater is going to be worn a lot this winter!