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Skytten går.

Med en islætstæthed på ca 8 tråde pr cm går vævningen pænt hurtigt fremad. Jeg er nu mere end halvt færdig med det fjerde og sidste tørklæde.

Tørklæde #1. Islæt: håndspundet BFL/silke / Scarf #1. Woven with handspun BFL/silk
Tørklæde #1. Islæt: håndspundet BFL/silke / Scarf #1. Woven with handspun BFL/silk
Garn til #3. Håndspundet uld. Yarn for #3. Handspun wool singles
#3 væves / #3 in progress.

Alle fire tørklæder væves med håndspundet 1-trådet garn. Til #4 spandt jeg uld/silke-garn på min nyeste Bosworth, en mini i træsorten Lignum Vitae. Så smuk med et grønligt skær ..

Uld/silke fiber og min Lignum Vitae-Bossie / Wool/silk fiber and my Lignum Vitae Bossie
Uld/silke fiber og min Lignum Vitae-Bossie / Wool/silk fiber and my Lignum Vitae Bossie

Nu glæder jeg mig til at blive helt færdig, få klippet ned og ordnet kanter, frynser, vasket og færdiggjort tørklæderne. Derefter kommer de til salg i webshoppen.
Nye planer for væven er ved at tage form i mit hoved ..

English summary:
The four scarfs on alpaca warp are almost done. Less than half a scarf remains to be woven, and then it’s cut-off party, fixing fringes, washing and finishing. The scarfs will be listed in the webshop when ready.

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Nyt værksted – new studio

(English summary at the bottom)

Jeg er lige flyttet fra mit store, rummelige og dejligt lyse værksted til et, der er både mindre og mørkere. Det var ikke med min gode vilje, men desværre kunne jeg ikke længere få lov til at være hvor jeg var – et sted jeg ellers var rigtig glad for.

Mit nye sted skal nok blive godt, jeg skal bare lige vænne mig til det.. Det vender mod nord og der slipper ikke meget dagslys ind gennem de små vinduer. Noget mindre plads end jeg er vant til betyder at der lige nu roder helt vildt! Jeg har en udfordring nu med at få tingene til at være der på den mest praktiske måde..

På-plads-sætning / putting stuff in its right place
På-plads-sætning / putting stuff in its right place

Det var her i weekenden jeg flyttede, og nu mandag formiddag har jeg stillet væven op (og ryddet lidt mere op). Et kvarters spinding ude i formiddagssolen betød også at jeg blev færdig med at spinde en portion BFL/silke-garn, som jeg har arbejdet på sådan on-and-off i et godt stykke tid. Så blev det lige pludselig færdigt! 🙂
Garnet er 1-trådet og skal bruges som islæt til et tørklæde eller sjal. Det bliver det første væveprojekt på mit nye værksted.

BFL/silke, 1-trådet. Spundet på en Bosworth Midi / BFL/silk singles, on a Bosworth Midi spindle
BFL/silke, farve “Jupiter”, 1-trådet. Spundet på en Bosworth Midi / BFL/silk singles, colourway “Jupiter”, on a Bosworth Midi spindle

Det vidunderlige vejr har givet lyst til udendørs kreativiteter, og jeg har nydt at sidde og strikke på mit nyeste design: en bluse i perlegrus-teknik, strikket i Opus i 5 forskellige farver. Jeg tror det bliver godt!
IMG_4772In English:
I have just moved to my new workshop/studio this weekend. A little less spacious than what I’m used to, I need to be good at placing all my stuff, yarns and wool in a practical way.
I finished spinning some BFL/silk singles for a woven scarf or shaw. I have spun this over a longer period of time, in between other projects. Suddenly it’s finished! My current knitting project is a pullover in linen stitch. I’m using Opus Handspun yarn in 5 different colours. I like it 🙂

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Sweater love

I knitted this sweater in no time. Even spun the yarn in no time. I just loved the pattern so much, the stitch pattern was easy and fun to knit, and the ever changing colors of the handspun singles just kept med going and going..
The yarns (because there are two yarns) are: Handspun singles, Noro-look-alike-yarn, spun pretty fast from carded wool/silk/alpaca-fibers in colorway “Delight”. The other yarn (the top of the sweater body and sleeves) is BFL-Steps, my handdyed sock yarn. The latter held double.
The pattern I found in Noro Magazine #2. It’s called “Mesh banded pullover”.

I am really happy with this garment. It fits perfectly and is not too hot to wear indoors. Love it!

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Citron. A slice in Danish. Or something..

“Citron” is a beautiful shawl by Hilary Smith Callis. It is not a new pattern, but published in Knitty Magazine, in the Winter 2009 issue.

I have been eyeing this shawl for ages, and a few months ago I even spun some merino/cashmere lace yarn with Citron i mind. 

The beginning of “Casino Citron”. A very pleasant knitting project

In the Danish Spinning Guild, Spindeforeningen, we are going to have a SAL/KAL next month, and I am to “host” it, or kick start it.. So I thought it might be a good idea if I was a little ahead of things, and cast on for my “Casino Citron” last week.

But first I translated the pattern into Danish, and asked permission from the designer to publish the Danish version. Through Ravelry the pattern is available in I think at least 10 different languages, but Danish is not one of them..
Hilary has now kindly given me permission to publish the Danish version in my blog and link it to the Ravelry database – yay! Not that the English pattern in any way is difficult to follow or understand, but my guess is that some of our guild members will be reluctant to work from directions given in English.

So, thank you very much, Hilary! 🙂
– I’ll set up the pattern page very soon, but first I’m going to grab some dinner: veggie lasagna, mmmm..

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Now finished!

It lives around my neck. Not easy to get it off..

I love how the Brande Shawl turned out! Here’s a look at the whole Shawl:

I have been playing around with some textured yarns lately. Here is a yarn I spun yesterday, out of lovely grey wool locks and a multicolour merino strand that had been sitting around on a drop spindle for a few years.. Old an new meet..

And this one is a coiled yarn. Very fun spin!.. :



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The beginning..

..of a shawl:

The Brande Shawl in making
The Brande Shawl in the making

The Brande Shawl was designed by the very talented knitter and designer Bente Hein for the knit-event that took place in the fall last year: Brande Strikkefestival.
Now I have persuaded Bente to let me sell her pattern (as a loose pattern as well as a kit) in the webshop. But first I need to knit the beautiful shawl in some of my own yarns, and then I need to put together some kits.. So: back to knitting! 🙂

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Finished project!

It fits! 🙂

I am so pleased with this sweater! My handspun Swirl (designed by very talented Sandra McIver) is done and almost dry. Dry enough to do some photos while it’s still daylight outside.

It swirls!!

This has been a very pleasant knitting adventure. The pattern (“Strata Sphere” from McIvers book “Knit Swirl”) is well written, has very usefull schematics and was easy to follow. It was especially nice and thrilling to work with my own handspun.
I had dyed up a big bunch of different fibers (wool, alpaca, silk, bamboo, mohair) in the colourway “Icarus”. First I separated the fibers into different piles of colours, carded it together and spun a singles yarn.
I aimed at getting the same grist, look, hand and colour-magic that we see in Noro Silk Garden, which was the yarn called for in the pattern. I think I got it pretty well! Only problem was that I had underestimated the amount og fiber to spin, so in the middle of the project I had to dye, card and spin some more..
The second lot of course came out a little bit different than the first, but it’s not to be seen at all in the finished Swirl.

Back view. Nice and warm!
A closer look at the yarn and knitting structure.

I predict that this sweater is going to be worn a lot this winter!


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Pansy Tam


I made this tam in the traditional fair isle style.
The yarn is 2-ply shetland wool. I spun 8 colours from one of my fiber-wheels, the September club-colour “Moorland”.
Then I charted the patterns and knitted the tam using the 3 darkest colours as background and the 5 brightest as pattern colours. Then I wrote the pattern (for now in Danish language only, but I’ll do an english version too..) and it’s now ready to enter the shop!

Hey! If you happen to be near Brande tomorrow you can come by and say hello at Brande Strikkefestival. I’ll be there with my handpainted fiber, my handspun yarns, patterns and some left over yarns from when I closed the physical shop this spring.


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Off the loom!

I have recently cut down my two twill shawls from the loom. They are now fringe-twisted, washed and ironed – and ready to leave home.. 🙂

The first one is merino/silk yarn in both warp and weft. It is 170 cms long and 56 cms wide. Plus fringes, which are about 15 cms. Soft, shiny, with a nice heavy drape.
Number two has the same warp, obviously, but then I used handspun alpaca/silk in one of the club colourways, “July”, as weft yarn. It is variegated and adds lots of life to the shawl:

It is extremely soft and luxourious. Dimensions: 56 cm x 180 cms, plus the fringe.

The handspun shawl while it was still on the loom.

Both shawls are now in my webshop, together with lots and lots of fiber!

My loom is now standing naked, so I’m making plans for new weavings. With handspun.