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Citron. A slice in Danish. Or something..

“Citron” is a beautiful shawl by Hilary Smith Callis. It is not a new pattern, but published in Knitty Magazine, in the Winter 2009 issue.

I have been eyeing this shawl for ages, and a few months ago I even spun some merino/cashmere lace yarn with Citron i mind. 

The beginning of “Casino Citron”. A very pleasant knitting project

In the Danish Spinning Guild, Spindeforeningen, we are going to have a SAL/KAL next month, and I am to “host” it, or kick start it.. So I thought it might be a good idea if I was a little ahead of things, and cast on for my “Casino Citron” last week.

But first I translated the pattern into Danish, and asked permission from the designer to publish the Danish version. Through Ravelry the pattern is available in I think at least 10 different languages, but Danish is not one of them..
Hilary has now kindly given me permission to publish the Danish version in my blog and link it to the Ravelry database – yay! Not that the English pattern in any way is difficult to follow or understand, but my guess is that some of our guild members will be reluctant to work from directions given in English.

So, thank you very much, Hilary! 🙂
– I’ll set up the pattern page very soon, but first I’m going to grab some dinner: veggie lasagna, mmmm..