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Færdige sager

Jeg har hele to færdige ting at vise frem. En vævet og en strikket.

Først den søde Sommerboblekjole (designet af Ninapetrina.no ), som jeg har strikket til lille Klara. Det er størrelse 2 år, og bærestykkets regnbuestriber (det er jo en hel lille pride-kjole, faktisk ..) er af håndspundne rester. Resten af kjolen er strikket af forårsgrøn Pirkkalanka. Pind 3 er brugt hele vejen. Dejligt projekt, og tak til Nina for at jeg måtte teststrikke 🙂

Sommerboblekjolen til Klara
Sommerboblekjolen til Klara

Og så har jeg færdiggjort et vævet tørklæde/sjal. 🙂 Se flere billeder på Ravelry-projektsiden her.

Tørklæde/sjal i lærredsvævning. Trendgarnets indfarvning og oplægning giver ikat-virkningen.
Tørklæde/sjal i lærredsvævning. Trendgarnets indfarvning (Serenade multifarvet) og oplægning giver ikat-virkningen.
35 x 166 cm, plus frynser. 100% uld.
35 x 166 cm, plus frynser. 100% uld.
Drejede frynser med "farvedyp" i spidserne ..
Drejede frynser med “farvedyp” i spidserne ..

Dette smukke, unikke sjal kommer til salg i webshoppen senere i dag.
– Og jeg er i fuld gang med at planlægge nye væveprojekter! 🙂

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Alma Ella Shawl

"Alma Ella" in Serenade, colorway "Turmeric"
“Alma Ella” in Serenade, colorway “Turmeric”


The Alma Ella Shawl is a free pattern over on Ravelry. Designed by Robin Lynn and generously made available for all lovers of simple, but beautiful shawls.
Here is a linkie to the original pattern on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/alma-ella-shawl

My friend Mariann, who is a skilled knitter (and now also a spinner with a serious spindle collecting issue, but that is a whole different story..) has created an Alma Ella in my handpainted lace merino yarn, “Serenade”.

Is it not beautiful? I think so!
I have translated the pattern into Danish and placed it in the “patterns” section of this blog. Go ahead and download, if you please.

Alma Ella
Alma Ella

Alma Ella-sjalet er en gratisopskrift ovre på Ravelry. Jeg har oversat det til dansk og det kan nu downloades her på bloggen, under “patterns”.

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Citron. A slice in Danish. Or something..

“Citron” is a beautiful shawl by Hilary Smith Callis. It is not a new pattern, but published in Knitty Magazine, in the Winter 2009 issue.

I have been eyeing this shawl for ages, and a few months ago I even spun some merino/cashmere lace yarn with Citron i mind. 

The beginning of “Casino Citron”. A very pleasant knitting project

In the Danish Spinning Guild, Spindeforeningen, we are going to have a SAL/KAL next month, and I am to “host” it, or kick start it.. So I thought it might be a good idea if I was a little ahead of things, and cast on for my “Casino Citron” last week.

But first I translated the pattern into Danish, and asked permission from the designer to publish the Danish version. Through Ravelry the pattern is available in I think at least 10 different languages, but Danish is not one of them..
Hilary has now kindly given me permission to publish the Danish version in my blog and link it to the Ravelry database – yay! Not that the English pattern in any way is difficult to follow or understand, but my guess is that some of our guild members will be reluctant to work from directions given in English.

So, thank you very much, Hilary! 🙂
– I’ll set up the pattern page very soon, but first I’m going to grab some dinner: veggie lasagna, mmmm..

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The beginning..

..of a shawl:

The Brande Shawl in making
The Brande Shawl in the making

The Brande Shawl was designed by the very talented knitter and designer Bente Hein for the knit-event that took place in the fall last year: Brande Strikkefestival.
Now I have persuaded Bente to let me sell her pattern (as a loose pattern as well as a kit) in the webshop. But first I need to knit the beautiful shawl in some of my own yarns, and then I need to put together some kits.. So: back to knitting! 🙂

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Off the loom!

I have recently cut down my two twill shawls from the loom. They are now fringe-twisted, washed and ironed – and ready to leave home.. 🙂

The first one is merino/silk yarn in both warp and weft. It is 170 cms long and 56 cms wide. Plus fringes, which are about 15 cms. Soft, shiny, with a nice heavy drape.
Number two has the same warp, obviously, but then I used handspun alpaca/silk in one of the club colourways, “July”, as weft yarn. It is variegated and adds lots of life to the shawl:

It is extremely soft and luxourious. Dimensions: 56 cm x 180 cms, plus the fringe.

The handspun shawl while it was still on the loom.

Both shawls are now in my webshop, together with lots and lots of fiber!

My loom is now standing naked, so I’m making plans for new weavings. With handspun.

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Fiber Club for June.

The fiber is ready. Packed and ready for sending off tomorrow. It’s still a little too early to show the June-colorway on the fibers, but I’ll show you my inspiration for this months colors:

A wonderful painting by a friend of mine, Karen Margrethe Jelonek. She is a very talented artist, and I was so fortunate to get this beauty in a trade for a piece of furniture.. Lucky me!
The colors of this flower painting are deep and rich. Reds, dark and strong and warm, deep dark blues and greens and browns. I just loved the painting the moment I saw it, and also knew right away that these hues just had to become a fiber-colorway..
I’ll show the actual June-fibers in a few days!
I just want to say that there are a few available slots in the Fiber Club , starting from June. So if you are very quick you can still join the fun for this month and the next two. See my Etsy-shop for details!

Other than dyeing fbers (and yesterday some yarn as well) I am been weaving these days. I’ve warped the loom with a merino/silk warp in three colors and threaded the shafts for a twill structure. It’s going to end up with two shawls. The first one is allready woven and still sits on the loom. Now I’m weaving the second one:

Using handdyed, handspun weft for this one. Alpaca and silk singles that I’m spinning (as I go along) on one of my favorite spindles, a Bosworth midi. It’s yummy stuff!


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Back in weaving-action!

It has been too long since I have woven. My new landlady here at my studio provided the motivation for getting the loom dressed up: she said that she could use a shawl or stole in soft hues of pink, green and tan, something that would go well with a summerly outfit.

That got me thinking, and last week I wound a warp for two shawls out of luxurious merino/silk yarns in 3 colors: light rose, beige/tan and sage green.

Dressing the loom with the warp took its time, but today I was finally ready to start weaving.
For the first shawl I have chosen the same yarn as the warp: a lovely 2-ply silk/merino yarn, soft and shiny and just a little fluffy..
The weave structure is a regular 2/2 twill on four shafts. Very classic and always suitable for shawls with its simplicity and wonderful drape.
I have woven about 40 cms of the first shawl today:

I have chosen an off-white weft yarn to tone down the colors even more.
For scarf no. 2 I have decided to use a handspun yarn with lots of colors, just to make a shawl that will very different from the first. That handspun weft-yarn is not yet spun, so I predict that it will take quite a while before I can cut the two shawls off the loom.