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Rosepath Rug #2

About a week ago I finished the first Rosepath Rug on my Finlandia loom. It still sits there on the loom, because I have to weave a second rug before I cut down and finish the work.

First rug finished!

I really like the look of Rug #1. I hope it looks good also when it’s off the loom and on the floor. Now it slowly dissapears from my eyes as it rolls onto the clothbeam..
For the second rug I first started out doing some weft-changing over the width, in order to create a rug with four color zones from left to right. I happily started working on the idea but it didn’t work out quite the way I had envisioned it. Gave it up. Then I took a break for a few days to think..

This is what I ended up doing:

Rosepath rug #2 – the beginning

The ground weft is a light gray wool yarn and the pattern weft is multiple strands of brown, red and purple yarns. I also altered the threading sequence to make this pattern – I like the way it looks – kind of old-fashioned. And Swedish.. 🙂
Take a closer look:

Swedish rosepath.

I would love to hear what you think! Does it look okay? (No, I will not show you my selvedges.. There is something to improve regarding those..)

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Unique colors

Lately I have been dyeing some one-of-a-kind colorways on my sock yarn BFL-Steps.
For socks you only need 1 skein and it’s always fun to knit – and wear! – a pair that is completely unique.

Take a look at my two latest OOAK- sock yarns here. You can find more in the webshop. Now, I’ll go and knit some special socks for myself.. 🙂

bluish/greenish/purple Yellow/red/green/blue in the top photo, blue/green/purple in the bottom pic.


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Finally something finished..

My new dress (or tunic) in fair isle style stranded knitting is called “Mirabel”. It has been underways for a little more than a year, but last week I finally got it done.
I like how it turned out. What do you think?:

I have drawn the different patterns myself and it was a joy knitting the garment and watch how it came along. There was no plan for the colour placement – that part I just made up as I went.

Now I have hauled out another unfinished object from the depths of a knitting basket. Also a fair isle garment, a sweater. Very traditional. This one I knit with wool yarn that I have dyed with plants and mushrooms. It wont turn out nearly as beautiful as the dress, but it will be a warm and comfy sweater for next winter.
I’ll show it when it’s done. I’m good into the second sleeve.

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Nye farver.

2 af de nye farveholdninger til min monokrome palette, der er under udvikling: Blå Bæk og Lys fjeld.
Spindeprøverne (shetlandsuld, 2-trådet garn) er blevet til på min russiske Aaes-spindepind, og tvundet på den anden nye Aaes. Håndtene er fantastiske redskaber, i al deres enkelhed!! Ingen vedligeholdelse, nemme at opbevare, transportable, effektive, smukke, praktiske og relativt billige.

Her ses uldhjulene “Lys Fjeld” og “Blå Bæk” i deres helhed, begge på shetlandsuld:

Der er også for nylig blevet produceret en gul farveholdning, kaldet “Guldåre”. Den er endnu ikke fotograferet. En grøn hænger til tørre lige nu og en rød bliver farvet senere i dag. Stay tuned!!