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Pirkkalanka – high quality Finnish wool yarn

I am so happy and proud to present my newest yarn in my webshop:

Pirkkalanka 8/2 – beautiful 2-ply knitting and weaving yarn from Finland!

Color 101, 200, 401, 501
Color 101, 200, 401, 501
Colors 210, 208, 222
Colors 210, 208, 222


Colors 1291, 309, 260, 311


Colors 1252, 328, 221


Colors 3581, 116, 317


Colors 220, 301


I feel a deep desire to design and knit some traditional-style mittens for this yarn! I’ll start that project up later today 🙂

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Green and brown

“Grass” on Opus

I have composed and dyed 3 new colors: 2 greens and a red-brown. Here they are, shown on Opus yarn.
I have also dyed the green ones on Serenade (lace yarn) and on BFL-Steps (sock yarn), and they are now in my webshop:

The chestnut brown have been dyed on wool-tops as well as the Opus yarn, but I don’t have any photos of the Chestnut fiber to show yet.

“Chestnut” on Opus

Also, the rug weaving project I talked about in the last post is coming along nicely. I’m about 20 cms short of finishing the first one, and right now I am thinking about how I want the second rug to look. The exact plans are not quite complete yet, but #2 of this warp will be a much more colorfull rug than #1, that’s for sure!

“Hunter” on Opus

I want to try weaving with several weft-bundles per pick, so that I can change colors in the middle of the rug. I have a feeling it will be slow-going, also because I will be composing the weft bundles out of many strands of yarn each. What fun it will be!

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Dyeing and moving

It’s been quite a long time. The flu is over, thank the Goddess (it was a tough one!!) and I have been working full speed for the past month.
I have had lots of work to do, which is just great! Lots of dyeing for the yarn company BC Garn, and plenty of dyeing for my webshop as well.

By new year I got my new sock yarn, which is a 4-ply superwash BFL7nylon (85%/15%) yarn, 400 grams pr 100 gram. I love it! It is just perfect for socks, and for other knitworks-of-art too! 🙂
I quickly dyed up a few colourways in my new yarn, which I have named BFL-Steps. Here’s a few of them:

Colourway "Straw" on BFL-Steps

Colourway “Straw” on BFL-Steps
"Dark Fuchsia"
“Dark Fuchsia”

"Blue Creek"

“Blue Creek”

But mostly I’m submerged in dyeing for BC Garn. Great fun and a good base for my business.

Then I have moved to a new workplace. Not that I didn’t like the place I had, it was just too far away. Not so practical when I mostly go by bicycle – it took about 45 minutes each way.
Then I got an offer to move into a place in our little village, just 200 meters from my home. Lots of space and fine working conditions – I just had to say yes to that!
So now I have been in my new place for a week, and it is working okay. I have to share some of it with others, but that’s fine with me. The fact that I can just walk over to my workshop in 2 minutes is just fantastic!
I have no photos of my new place yet – just too busy to even think of it.. 🙂

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Finished project!

It fits! 🙂

I am so pleased with this sweater! My handspun Swirl (designed by very talented Sandra McIver) is done and almost dry. Dry enough to do some photos while it’s still daylight outside.

It swirls!!

This has been a very pleasant knitting adventure. The pattern (“Strata Sphere” from McIvers book “Knit Swirl”) is well written, has very usefull schematics and was easy to follow. It was especially nice and thrilling to work with my own handspun.
I had dyed up a big bunch of different fibers (wool, alpaca, silk, bamboo, mohair) in the colourway “Icarus”. First I separated the fibers into different piles of colours, carded it together and spun a singles yarn.
I aimed at getting the same grist, look, hand and colour-magic that we see in Noro Silk Garden, which was the yarn called for in the pattern. I think I got it pretty well! Only problem was that I had underestimated the amount og fiber to spin, so in the middle of the project I had to dye, card and spin some more..
The second lot of course came out a little bit different than the first, but it’s not to be seen at all in the finished Swirl.

Back view. Nice and warm!
A closer look at the yarn and knitting structure.

I predict that this sweater is going to be worn a lot this winter!


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More sock yarn colours.

I have been dyeing up four more colourways on my new sock yarn, GarnGalleriet Opus Sock. Like the one I showed in my last post, “Bright Mountain”, these four are also semisolid monocromatic colours, variegated but not multicolour.
The colournames are: Blue Creek, Savoy, Tomato and Turmeric.

Left to right: Blue Creek, Savoy, Tomato, Turmeric

So, what do you think? Hope you like it! 🙂
For more info, prices and shipping please take a look at my webshop.

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Knitting with my freshly dyed sock yarn!

The sock yarn I painted in colourway “Bright Mountain” is all dry and a few days ago I started knitting a sock while my family and I were going on a short vacation to Lübeck, Germany.
The yarn looks like this:

Fresh sock yarn!

And the first half of my sock (classic style, cuff-down, actually the pattern my Mother taught me when I was a teenager..) looks like this:

Lovely vacation in Lübeck: nice weather, family time, enjoying the town and relaxing with knitting and good beer 🙂

The rest of the sock yarn that I painted in the “Bright Mountain”-colourway is now available at my webshop, and in a few days I’ll add a few more colours.
BTW, have I mentioned that I think Lübeck is absolutely wunderbar?..

How can you not love such a beautiful city?..
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Dyeing yarn.

Mostly I’m dyeing fiber, not yarn. But lately that has changed, mainly because of my dyeing of the wonderful Yorkshire and Buble yarns for BC Garn.

But I have decided to dye some yarns for my own webshop also. Of course noting like the colourways I do for BC Garn, but my own palettes, like this one:

Blue/lavender/golden colourway on BFL-yarn. Sold..

And this one:

Aquamarine/turquoise/greyish colourway. This lot is also sold..

Today I’m doing a batch of sock yarn in the colourway “Bright Mountain”. It’ll go on the webshop as soon as it’s dry!

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Tapestry eye candy.

Today my good friend Elisabeth had asked me to meet her at a local art center, Silkeborg Bad Kunstcenter.

Elisabeth wanted to show me an exibition of wonderful woven tapestries by a group of European art tapestry weavers. The artists call themselves European Tapestry Forum (ETF) and the juried exibition is called ARTAPESTRY3.
And it was interesting stuff! As a wannebe-tapestry weaver I was mostly drawn to the technical aspects of the artworks, and not so much the artistic impression..
Elisabeth and I have both signed up for a two day workshop in tapestry weaving later this month, so todays expedition was kind of a study filed trip..
The colors, the size, the impact of all those very different weavings was overwhelming! I snapped some photos, of which very few were a decent quality.

I’ll just show a few, like this hanging, woven of fabric strips like our well-known, good old scrappy floormatts.
It was sooo hard not to touch the hangings, and so tempting to lift them out to inspect the backside.. We were of course thrilled when we came to a tapestry that stood out from the wall just enough for us to get a good look behind the surface:

As you can see, the back side of this very colorfull piece looks almost like rya. No weaving in ends here! Notice how Elisabeth holds tight to her hands.. We didn’t touch anything. And, because touching was not allowed (and this maybe is a bit nerdy) we simply used another one of our senses: we actually sniffed in the fabric with our noses in an attempt to find out if a certain part of a weaving was made out of silal of silk. Elisabeth even claimed that the colors had their own different smells, like in this piece woven with naturally dyed nettle yarns:

But mostly it was the use of many strands of yarn to create subtle color variations and a lively surface that was interesting to me. Like this:

Beautiful, isn’t it? I would love to be able to weave just remotely like this some day..

We also visited another exibition today in the same place. “Netmaskerne“, a group of Danish machine knitters opened their show fabolous, interesting and gorgeous dresses and robes, and of course we went to have a look.. 🙂

Beautiful stuff!!

Back home I immediately sat down to weave a bit on my pratice-tapestry:

I have to admit that I’m quite intimidated by all the colors I have to control to get the right look of the mushrooms. It’s not easy at all! But I guess I just need to remind myself that it is a practice piece, and that I’ll learn by doing (and hopefully learn a lot at the tapestry-class later this month..).

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Work in progress.

This project has been with me for ages. About 3 years, to be more precise.. I recall that it started out as a sample. I wanted to try out a new shape in a modular knitting technique, a letter T-shape.

At the same time, the sample served as a test-knit of my handspun yarn out of Silk Hankies.
Soon I was hooked on this T-shape and I sketched out a garment with short sleeves and began spinning and knitting.
It went well for some time. Then other projects and fabulous ideas came along and had to be delt with. I put my “T-shirt” aside and kind of forgot about it for a very, very long time..

But recently I digged it out, seriously determined to finish it now! There was (is) still some spinning to be done, and a few design issues to be taken care of. I try to keep good notes as I knit along so that there’s a chance that I can write some kind of pattern later on.. With projects like this, that just seems to take shape as you go and is full of surprices, it’s often very difficult to produce a written pattern. In my opinion it’s much more simple to knit modular projects from a drawing/sketch, with som key-numbers and technique-explanations added to it, of course.
Let’s see if I’ll be able to whip up a proper written pattern for this baby!

This morning I just completed the first shoulder.

The lower body, back and front, is almost all done, so now only shoulders and neck shaping remain. Borders too, of course.
I’m very pleased with how it turns out so far. The silk Hankies-yarn is nice to work with, and it looks great in simple garter stitch. I’m pretty sure the T-shirt is going to fit (me) nicely and that it will look good with my long brown summerskirt. Can’t wait to get it finished now! I’m off to do some spinning and knitting..

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Magic Rolls of Roving

Hurray, it works! The fiber preparation that I’ve been working on and testing seems to perform the way I intended it to: easy drafting, easy spinning and a fun and interesting yarn!

This is a 3-ply yarn spun from the roving I showed in my previous post. Even though ther was some thin spots in my test-roving it was a pleasure to work with. I spun the singles on a spindle with the roving standing besides me in it’s paper-cover. Worked just perfect! It didn’t break (only in a few places where the roving was very very thin..) and it didn’t collapse when I got to the outer layers of fiber.
After spindle-spinning it I n-plied the yarn on my Kromski Symphonie wheel. the resulting yarn is soft and tweedy. With its 4 colors it would be good to use for a cowl, a hat or something like that. 80 grams and 174 meters. To knit this I would pick up a needle size 4 or 4½ mm, as a starting point.

So, now I have made some more Magic rolls of roving. Of course 🙂

This one is allready sold.. It has 8 soft spring-like colors and weighs about 80 grams.
The next two are currently for sale in my Etsy-shop:

They both have 8 colours. The first one weighs approx. 80 grams, the next one 86 grams. The fiber content in both of them are mostly merino, but also a little shetland wool, alpaca, BFL and some locks from an unknown Scandinavian sheep-breed.