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Garngalleriet Mikrofarveris Fiberklub genopstår!

Jeg genopliver hermed fiberklubben “Månedens farve på fiber”.

Hver måned laver jeg en helt ny farveholdning på en dejlig spindefiber. Fibertypen vil variere måned for måned, og det kan f.eks være BFL, Shetland, Ramboulliet m.fl.
Vælg mellem en uld-fiberklub, hvor du i begyndelsen af hver måned modtager et 200 grams uldhjul i månedens farveholdning, eller en luksus-fiberklub, hvor du hver måned modtager 100 gram luksusfibre i månedsfarven.
Medlemsskabet af fiberklubben løber kvartalsvis, 3 måneder ad gangen.
Første udgave bliver 3. kvartal ’18: juli – august – september.

Pris pr. kvartal for Fiberklub Uld (3 x 200 gram uldhjul) : kr. 600,- inklusive forsendelse.
Pris pr. kvartal for Fiberklub Luksus (3 x 100 gram luksusfibre): kr. 550,- inklusive forsendelse.

Som fiberklub-medlem kan du naturligvis til enhver til bestille mere i månedens farve, hvis du har brug for det til et større projekt, dog til normal pris for den ønskede fibertype og forsendelsesomkostninger.
Ellers bliver månedens farve først frigivet til andre (ikke-klub)kunder efter 6 måneder.

Der vil være et begrænset antal pladser i klubben, så det er først til mølle ..
Skriv dig op til “Fiberklub Uld” eller “Fiberklub Luksus” for juli/august/september allerede nu!
– Send en mail til birthepry@gmail.com eller send på anden vis en besked.

Herunder ses et lille udvalg af tidligere tiders måneds-farver: “Vinterhimmel”, “Tulipanmark”, “Visne Asters”, “Jungle”, “Bærbusk” og “Onkel Kurt”.

Jeg går over i farveriet og arbejder. Juli måneds farveholdning er planlagt og klar til udførelse – jeg glæder mig til at vise den til jer ..

Happy spinning!

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Special offer this month!

"Uncle Kurt" on BFL/silk-blend
“Uncle Kurt” on BFL/silk-blend

This is the November ’13 Fiber Club color way. Named “Uncle Kurt” because of its manly colors. I can clearly envision a subtle, yet quite lively, scarf (or even a sweater) created out of this fiber, the perfect handmade gift for a dear uncle, grandfather, son or husband.

The GarnGalleriet Fiber Club is well established by now and has loyal members/subscribers. They receive a new color way each month and I find great pleasure in creating (hopefully) pleasing club-packages.

This month I have a special offer for new Clubbies. A 20% discount!!

This is how you get your 20% off:

  • If you want to order Fiber Club Classic: use the code CLASSICNOVEMBER.
  • If you want to order Fiber Club Light: use the code LIGHTNOVEMBER.
  • If you want to order Fiber Club Silk Hankies: use the code SILKNOVEMBER.

This discount is only available when ordering through the webshop, using PayPal, only in November and only until Clubs are full!
If you have any problems with PayPal, please get in touch with me om email: birthe@garngalleriet.dk

Link to the Fiber Clubs:


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New spindle and a new fleece too!

A few days ago my friend Hanne and I went to Lystbækgård to look at some spelsau wool. We are both members of the same “spinning circle” and next time we meet (on tuesday) we are going to play around with primitive wool types. Primitive sheep races features wool that has both long guard hairs and soft down wool. We are going to separate the down fibers from the guradhairs and for that purpose we of course need some spelsau!

Berit Killerich (to the left in the photo) is a professional shepherd. She owns Lystbækgård and raises the spelsau sheep. She gives sheep dog shows, makes shearing into “show-and-tell”, has a weaving school, a farm-shop with a wonderful café with organic food and drink and of course lots of premium quality wool in the barn.
Hanne (to the right) tries to decide which fleece she’s going to bring home. In the end she got 3, one more lovely than the other!

I held myself back and only purchased one fleece. But what a soft and curly beauty it is! It is a light fawn or oatmeal colour (with variations), very soft to touch and with long guard hairs (curls) not so coarse as they sometimes are. Berit told me this wool came from “an elderly lady” whose wool has gotten softer over the years.
Here it is, freshy washed but not entirely dry yet:

Doesn’t it just look delightful?

When it’s totally dry I will use my flicker to separate the two fiber types. The down will be good for soft knitting yarn and the long, shiny guard hairs I’ll spin into weaving yarn, for tapestry weaving!
Some natural dying will also happen to (at least some of) this wool. What a project! 🙂

Now, let me show you my newest spindle:

A Golding, a lightweight one. For a Golding it is quite plain and simple, but I have been eyeing this lovely brown-green wood, called Lignum vitae, for some time and now I had the opportunity to get one!
It’s a perfect spinner. Completely balanced, looong time spinning. That’s Golding. Always perfect tools. And lovely to look at too!

Oh! I almost forgot. Here’s the July-colorway. On Blue Faced Leicester:

i kind of like it. How about you?

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Dyeing, spinning, weaving

There’s a lot going on, but I haven’t been very good at blogging about it. Sorry about that. But I’m quite busy all the time, things take time and sometimes I just have to make priorities.
Today I sent out the club-fibers for July fiber-club. The colours are soft and sun-bleached and summer-like, so I just called the colorway “July”. Well, you know. It just came to me.. 😉
I don’t have any photoes of “July”-fibers yet, but actually you can see the colors in my waeving in the previous post. I have spun the July-colors (alpaca/silk) using my Bosworth spindle and the singles yarn is used as weft in my shawl. Still on the loom, but soon to be finished! (if I get the time..)

I have beeen doing a little bit of natural dyeing too. Inspired by an experiment from Jenny Deans book “Wild Colours” I dyed this bunch of very small skeins in one dye-pot, with Curled Dock (Rumex crispus). I had mordanted beforehand with different mordants and then I treated some of the skeins with different stuff after the dyeing. That way I got a lot (25) of different shades from just a single dyebath. I’m going to use these yarns in a fair isle project.

All the shades go so well together!

Last week I was at a tapestry class. Great fun! I learned a lot and really really want to get some work done on my big tapestry loom – but the time is not for that right now, sadly..

Also spinning a little bit. Not much, I mus admit. But in the latest issue of Spin-Off Magazine I read about a really cool technique: Ply-on-the-fly, using a spindle. i just had to try my hands at that method of spinning and navahoplying at the same time, and after a little fumbling and trial-and-error I finally got it. Here’s the Polwarth I spun and plied-on-the-fly:

I have made two of these balls. Still two to go..

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Fiber Club for June.

The fiber is ready. Packed and ready for sending off tomorrow. It’s still a little too early to show the June-colorway on the fibers, but I’ll show you my inspiration for this months colors:

A wonderful painting by a friend of mine, Karen Margrethe Jelonek. She is a very talented artist, and I was so fortunate to get this beauty in a trade for a piece of furniture.. Lucky me!
The colors of this flower painting are deep and rich. Reds, dark and strong and warm, deep dark blues and greens and browns. I just loved the painting the moment I saw it, and also knew right away that these hues just had to become a fiber-colorway..
I’ll show the actual June-fibers in a few days!
I just want to say that there are a few available slots in the Fiber Club , starting from June. So if you are very quick you can still join the fun for this month and the next two. See my Etsy-shop for details!

Other than dyeing fbers (and yesterday some yarn as well) I am been weaving these days. I’ve warped the loom with a merino/silk warp in three colors and threaded the shafts for a twill structure. It’s going to end up with two shawls. The first one is allready woven and still sits on the loom. Now I’m weaving the second one:

Using handdyed, handspun weft for this one. Alpaca and silk singles that I’m spinning (as I go along) on one of my favorite spindles, a Bosworth midi. It’s yummy stuff!


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Club Fiber of May

A few days ago I sent off the club fibers for May, so I think it will be okay to show off the colorway now! 🙂

Here it is on a BFL/silk blend. I call the colorway “Icarus”, after the small butterfly that inspired me to pick these various blue, lavender and golden shades. Polyommatus icarus. A beautiful butterfly that fortunately still is quite common where I live.
I also dyed it on falklandwool:

I must say, I love it on both fibers, and hope the club-members like it just as much!

These days I’m in the process of creating next months club-colorway. I will not reveal anything about it yet, just that the June colorway will be very different from the “Icarus” of May..

To find out more about my fiber-club, please visit my Etsy-shop.
It runs as a 3-months subscription, and there’s still room for more clubbies.. 🙂

Bye for now, I have some knitting to attend to.